Hey there!

i see you have stumbled your way to my website. I am so happy that you took this opportunity to view my website.

My name is Olanzo James, but i go by DjBiggieTheDancer or Biggie. I represent a young group of teens who looking to make a difference started in the caribbean called #TeamFresh. Which is standing out and changing  their lives and so can you!

This website is built on empowerment and encouragement. My mission is to do great things within my community and around the world of the new generation. 

To many things are happening that is driving our nation to the ground, why not start at the biggest factor, by encouraging and empowering the younger generation, who we say are the future! So lets shape them so they make positive mark on the future and not bad ones


I am a professional choreographer. I teach many diversestyles of dance from urban to caribbean.


To build and network with many individuals in the entertainment industry to incorporate diverse people. No matter the age, sex, race or physical aspects.


My only success is seeing the younger generation become the person they dream of becoming and making a never ending mark on society that says "i am the difference".



You have to start from somewhere to reach the stars in which you dream about.

I have dance in many places and from my experience, i make sure that the crowd who watches me, be blessed and are enjoying the performance.

I leave a mark that no matter the size, race or physical aspects, i could do what others can, even though they think its not worth it.

I've come a far way in my dancing career. This is one step closer to my dreams and it also can be a step to yours also. There is no giving up when it comes to doing the things you love, regardless to who tells you that its not for you. If you love, its legal, safe and makes you happy, do it!

Proven success, is building on the same stones that were thrown at you to the person you've become not in envy or hurt but in opportunities for growth.

my unique


Task: To make a legacy on this world. I develop tibia vera, also know as blunt disease at age 11. Ive been bullied about it and made fun of for it. I refuse to let it control my future to become the best person i can be.

Action: My action is to dance in all 50 states, bring an end to bullying by showing that no matter the challenges you face you can be what you wanna be.

..Result: its just the begining!



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